Composition Booklet

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Next Show: 2/23 Che Cafe!

June 16th 2022: Im going to be backing up my friend Monty Cime for a small tour on drums.

go to their website for updates on their tour and album (which im on)

July 12th 2022: The last show of the Cime/Composition Booklet tour is ending in Las Vegas

October 5th 2022: I will be playing with Body War on October 15th in LA

December 21st 2022: hope yall are great, im taking a break with solo music for next year.

go follow @claybirdsband and on IG. I will be recording demos with them early next years

October 31st 2023: My new composition booklet album is almost done, i just want to make more tracks and soon master it from a outside party

im putting out 20 shirts and 25 cds for it. 50% of the shirts will be on online on bandcamp

January 15th 2024: the album is almost there, im really happy with how it is and im excited for the response.

Many of the shirts that i made have been sold for my first show which was at my house, 50 more shirts have been ordered, using the classic "aliso viejo mathcore" skeleton design. I will selling them at my Che Cafe Show
the lineup for the next shows will have my friend Jayden on vocals, Wyatt on drums, Monty on bass!